Welcome to the Wixam Park website



Welcome to the Wixam Park website.

This website relates to the a site known as 'Land east of the B530 Ampthill Road' which is the southern part of the Wixam Park area. The website is hosted by Old Road Securities PLC (ORS) and O&H Properties Ltd (O&H) who are promoting the proposal.

The site is located south of Bedford and north of Houghton Conquest and Bedford Road, and to the east of Ampthill Road. The site surrounds, but does not include, Great Thickthorn Farm. The Wixams development lies to the north.

A public exhibition on 7th March 2017 set out our proposals for the site. Please click on the links below to access the exhibition boards.

Board 1: Welcome

Board 2: Context

Board 3: The
Countryside Park

Board 4: Ecology,
drainage and other
technical matters

Board 5: Transport
and Access

Board 6: The Proposals

If you have any comments, please email us before 21st March 2017 at comments@wixampark.co.uk

More details about the Wixam Park Master Plan Document can be found here:

ORS Plc and O&H Ltd

Wixam Park Site Boundary

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